B6t9 Design emerged after a period of being able to identify and establish that neither reform nor revolution within the industry has occurred for some time. The company was created from old knowledge and experiences that are used effectively to endorse and develop risk-taking concepts and welcome alternate interpretations of older techniques, rules and ideals. The disciplines that the company wishes to convey are clarity, positive engagement and realistic solutions for both graphic design clients and the designers and artists exhibiting at the gallery.

Although the gallery works as a standalone facility, work generated by the Studio is loosely divided into three different sectors, Corporate Identity, Publications, and The Arts. The sectors work as a team and projects are either initiated by clients or generated through work that is showcased at the gallery. The gallery allows potential clients the opportunity to envisage the possibilities that are available to market their business through one-off projects.

B6t9 Design operates an advisory and mentoring service to both practicing and non-practicing designers. The work may be new or in abeyance. We strive to maintain a healthy environment that steers away from negative responses – instead, we offer constructive comments. Our practice is not to promote recurring visits, instead we offer guidance that endorses independent thinking to enable clients to progress in his or her own time. We wish to strengthen the existing qualities and potential of our clients.

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